Program and Event Design and Delivery

Community Empowerment in Action

Turnstone Collective specialises in crafting transformative programs and events, driven by deep community engagement and consultation. From concept to execution, we ensure that each initiative resonates with cultural and community needs.

Our approach cultivates a sense of pride, fostering connections that go beyond events and leave a lasting impact on communities.

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Change Management

Pioneering Positive Transformation

At Turnstone Collective, change is not just managed; it’s led with purpose and vision. Our change management expertise guides organisations through transformative journeys, navigating challenges with candour, resilience and adaptability. The outcome is a positive and enduring change that creates sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders.

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First Nations Advisory

Culturally Informed Leadership

Turnstone Collective offers invaluable insights through our First Nations Advisory services. Grounded in a strong connection to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and communities, our advice ensures that decisions and strategies are culturally informed, community-centred, and respectful of the diverse traditional and contemporary perspectives of Indigenous peoples. The outcome is enhanced cultural understanding and the effective integration of cultural safety and responsiveness across organisations.

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Remediation and Negotiation

Navigating Paths to Resolution

Turnstone’s expertise in remediation and negotiation is guided by a commitment to ethical and impactful resolutions. Whether addressing historical issues or contemporary challenges, we facilitate culturally sensitive approaches, fostering understanding and healing. The outcome is meaningful agreements that respect all parties involved and inspire constructive change.

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Guest Speaking and Facilitation

Engaging Audiences, Inspiring Action

Turnstone Collective’s guest speaking and facilitation services are more than presentations; they are powerful narratives that captivate and motivate audiences. Our speakers share authentic stories, weaving together inspiration, passion and knowledge. Our specialist facilitators adapt their communication to connect with varied audiences, managing cross cultural communication with ease. The outcome is an engaged audience, inspired to take action and contribute to positive change in their communities.

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Gender Justice and Equity Advice

Advocating for Inclusive Futures

Turnstone Collective is a trailblazer in providing gender justice and equity advice. Our approach goes beyond consultation; we actively advocate for inclusive strategies that promote intersectionality and equity. The outcome is organisations and communities that embrace diversity, fostering environments where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive and lead.

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